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KIT AR BODIES NOW AVAILABLE: Based on the original famed SCRAPE coupe, we offer 1939 Zephyr Coupe, Convertible, Fastback Sedan, and Sedan Delivery fiberglass kit car bodies. In May 1020, DECO RIDES transported all of its molds to a fiberglass fabricator on the west coast. The result is a markedly higher quality product and far better customer service! Henceforth, DECO RIDES bodies will be totally hand laid. All bodies come with a sturdy metal support structure built into the cowl and A-pillar area, in the B-pillar area, and in the rear of the body. They come with hung and latched doors, and hung (hinged) hood and trunk. Hood and trunk are not latched.

You can now order a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe, Convertible, Fastback Sedan, and Sedan Delivery fiberglass body direct from DECO RIDES. Delivery time is estimated from 30 to 45 days from the date your 50% deposit is received. All Zephyrs are f.o.b. San Diego, CA.  


DECO RIDES Zephyr Convertible and Coupe bodies (above)
and two images of our Fastback Zephyr body (below)

Coupe body........$11,900
Convertible body........$11,900
Fastback body........$11,900
Sedan Delivery body........$12,400

Above bodies are f.o.b San Diego, CA


ORIGINAL or OPTIONAL DROOP SNOOT HOOD: Your choice at no additional price.

GRILLES: A reproduction aluminum grille that fits the car from the inside is available, $775.

HEADLIGHTS: '39 Ford Deluxe headlight bucket #91A 13026 with ribbed lens 91A 13060-S or clear lens #78 13060 CL from CW Moss in Orange, CA. Call 714-639-3083 for pricing.

WINDSHIELD: A custom cut safety glass windshield is available for $485 f.o.b. Torrington, CT.

DASHBOARD: A two-piece (top and front face) fiberglass dashboard is available for $279.

ROLLING CHASSIS: Fat Man Fabrications of Charlotte, NC, a respected manufacturer who has built thousands of chassis over the past 30 years, offers a rear wheel drive rolling chassis (no wheels or tires) specifically made for the DECO RIDES rear wheel drive Zephyr. The price is $8,875 f.o.b. Charlotte, NC. It features 2 x 4 mandrel bent frame rails, 1 x 2 x .120 rectangular tube center supports/cross member assembly, front cross member of 3 x 4 x .310 tubing, and eight body mount "outriggers" plus firewall support tabs. The frame comes standard with Fat Man's Stage IV (coolride) front end, polished stainless steel control arms, ultra low front cross member, power rack and pinion steering box, 11" Ford bolt pattern disc brakes and 2" dropped spindles. It includes the engine and transmission mounts for any popular combination (you specify). It has a triangulated 4-link rear suspension with your choice of coil over shocks or coolride air bags supporting a used 8 x 58 inch Ford rear end with 28 spline axles, used gearset, and used drum brakes. In either case, a rear sway bar is included. If you choose air bags in the rear, an Air Ride Technologies ARC-2000 2-way manual control compressor kit is included. An ARC-4000 4-way or better kit (a $300 optional upgrade) is recommended to better control body sway. Other upgrades are also available (brakes, etc). Normal waiting time for a chassis is 90 days from the date your 50% deposit is received.

Sedan Delivery


We have recently developed a set of molds for the Sedan Delivery body which can be used for both front and rear wheel drive configurations. The front wheel drive Deliveries will be able to haul a chopper motorcycle inside. The floorboard in our Sedan Delivery body does not have a transmission hump, a raised driveshaft tunnel or a kickup in the rear floor to accommodate a rear wheel drive, as the floor is totally flat from front to back. It can be modified for the rear wheel drive applications. A raised roof version (not available at this time) will fit production Harleys or could be equipped with hand controls for wheelchair-bound drivers to enter through the back ramp and roll to the front of the passenger's compartment to drive the car! For full information on the Sedan Delivery, click here.