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Terry and friend

Terry Cook and Reverend Mike Witek on the turntable with the Titanic at Goodwood, England black tie gala

DECO RIDES-- The Past,
Where it all started

From the age of six when he started drawing cars, Terry Cook has been obsessed with automobiles. In his early 20's he was the Editor of CAR CRAFT and HOT ROD Magazines, and a staff writer for CAR and DRIVER. In 1983 he started Appleton Productions Inc. producing a giant doo wop, oldies rock n' roll, 50's nostalgia weekend and classic car event (the largest old car event in NY/NJ metro area) called LEAD EAST.

RODDERS JOURNAL featuring Scrape Zephyr on Cover

Rodder's Journal, Number Nine
Featuring Terry's Scrape Zephyr on the Cover

A lover of American hot rods, vintage cars, street rods and custom cars, in 1994 he started designing and building the Chevy powered SCRAPE Zephyr, a street lowrider which was completed in 1999. Mattell made a HOT WHEELS of the car. That same year he started DECO RIDES, producing fiberglass composite kit car duplicates of the famed Zephyr in coupe and convertible body styles. Inspired by a sketch in RODDERS JOURNAL, Terry contracted with CHIP FOOSE to design a low slung Boattail Speedster, a project which took four years to develop the first finished car. In late 2003 Terry established a relationship with SPEEDSTER MOTORCARS to tackle the challenge of building production DECO RIDES Zephyrs.

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Terry's reflection in Titanic's horn button at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Roberto Martinez photo

For more past adventures prior to and in the earlier days of DECO RIDES, see Terry Cook's Articles- Elements of Style, Europe by Lowrider, Having Fun in Lee Pratt's '41, The Saga of the Sonny & Cher Cad, and the Foose Boattail Epic.